Easter vacations

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Chapter 10 - Budapest

    We were in the last stages of our grand journey, Bratislava was a let down in my opinion and to be honest, a waste of time. In any case, we got into the bus and left this Slovakian city and started to head to the last capital in our list for the Easter vacations Budapest in Hungary. The trip must have taken maybe five or six hours, but of all the bus trips we made or were to make in the future this one was the shortest to me, since I had the luck of sleeping through most of the way, only waking up for short periods to go to the bathroom or something like that. 

       At first this new city looked to my eyes, a sewer, DON'T WORRY, I will explain why. We got to the city at night if I'm not mistaken and it took us quite a while to find the hostel, since the place was so well "hidden". The hostel actually was nice, I mean it was a party hostel...I have no idea what that meant at the time, but each room in the hostel was huge and in each room there were like fifteen people. Too bad we didn't get the chance to attend one of the hostels parties, from the look of it they seemed like really "hardcore" parties, I mean even the building was decorated like there was a party still happening on the inside. I remember this tree in the backyard, this was crazy! A huge tree and in all the branches there were shoes tied to them...and not only shoes, bra's, underwear. That thing was insane! Oh, and the best part was that in the hostel "reception" the guy who was there printed photos of boobs from girls who had been there in the parties and posted them all along the wall. Ahaha it was an awesome sight! 

Easter vacations

       I think we stayed in Budapest maybe three days, leaving on the third one for sure, during those days we spend alot of time sightseeing so we bough ourselfs a map of the local attraction sites and went there. The art in this city resembled alot of the one we found in Prague, the most beautiful of them all were this Palace on the top of a hill, I can't remember very well, but I think it was the Royal Palace (maybe I'm saying stupid stuff, so you better google it) and this bridge with statues of lions at the entrance. The Széchenyi Chain Bridge, I loved walking in that bridge, it itself is beautiful, but there was alot of traffic as well, so you coudn't really appreciate it's splendor in "peace". 

Easter vacations

      At the palace I had the chance to try some antient tools of war, like the bow and arrow, I thought those things were easy to shoot, but it takes some skill for that to hit it's mark properly...most of my arrows were landing above the target zone to my amusement and I was spending alot of money, but I didn't care so much, I was having fun. One thing that took us completely by surprise was the fact that the other group of greek girls we had met before showed up in the palace, in the exact same place at the exact same time as us, so we took some time to talk between each other. I had no idea they were in Budapest for the easter holidays, I remember trying to impress one of them with my skill in the bow and arrow, but I failed all of them and the girl ended up laughing, which is always the best outcome if you ask me. You want them to laugh, even if it is at your stupidity, special if it is at that! :D 

Easter vacations

    During the nights my two french comrades would go out for drinks, but since I had enough of french talk for the day I would take a walk alone, getting lost in the city or spend some time talking to my friends in Warsaw and my parents back home.

Easter vacations

    One time I got so lost in the city that I took a wrong turn and saw this guy just collapsing to the floor and someone trying to revive him, minutes later the guy was dead. Death and poverty apparently rulled the city at night, since the crowds of tourists rulle the streets during the day. There were more homeless people in Budapest then in all the countries I had seen thus far. The metro area was full of them when we took it, it's always sad to see something like that. Anyways, after three days in Budapest eating Mcdonald's and Kebab's I was ready to leave and get back to my Polish University that I loved so much. On the bus we again met with the greek girls that had showed up the day before and talked with them for a few minutes...It took us thirteen hours to get back to Warsaw, I was dying in the end! If you have the chance to do a trip like this, take the airplane for god's sake! It's not worth it wasting thirteen hours of your life stuck on a bus with no BATHROOM.

    Thanks for your time again in reading this, I hope that some or any information that I've given you if usefull or may be useful in the future and remember DON'T TAKE BUSES in big trips. Peace out people.

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