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The relationship between lecturers and students is very fascinating in WSGE - the University of Euroregional Economy in Józefów. Despite the small nature of the campus, the organization of it facilities is able to provide education to a very huge number of students. All student have access to lectures. The classes are well arranged that gives access direct, face to face contact with students and panel discussion.


The lectures are very hospitable to the students. Experienced lecturers who have given lectures in many Universities in Warsaw and around the globe, with international experiences. 


The library is very fascinating with many books from all domain, both English and Polish books. To all students who are interested in research or master degree,  I recommend you to WSGE because of its well-organized library. Students have access to borrow books,   to read in the library.






Also, the University is located just around the train station which makes it easy for students to transport means. from the SK campus is two minutes to the train station, and Ten Minute to from the main block (C Block).



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