Erasmus at Corona Carantine

Γεια σε όλους!!

I like to start this Blog with a "seem like" The worst Erasmus ever!

Well, I was 21 when i decided to go to Wroclaw, in Poland at PWr University for my first Erasmus experience! Everything was perfect. I was so thrilled about my trip and my destination. The city looked beautiful and the photos seemed awesome. I had planed it for the Spring semester! Nothing could have been wrong!!

My flight was on the middle of February of 2020...I met great people at the Dormitory from the moment I went there! It was so easy! Even a greek girl (yes, I'm greek in case you didn't notice).

Well, I quess everybody knows what followed...

I went to the University for two weeks...that was all. There were conversations with my greek friend to leave the first plane back home and the plan was that. We send in boxes almost all of our stuff (!!). The time did past, kind of slowly...i was hanging out with friends in the dormitory and doing my courses online.

At the end, i decided to not leave for Poland and stay the whole semester like it was planed for the begining thanks to my parents. Even though i was far away alone they told me that that was a experience big time and soon everything will be ok again. (of course that didn't happen quite a bit but the summer, yes it happened). So staying after all was the best thing i ever did!

I din't travel a lot like a wanted but i see the whole city and eat in some places and just getting closer to my friends. Everyone needed company that time so it was so easy to be around with others! 

But the most important was that i learn a lot for MYSELF!! 

Some of The girls I met was so powerfull, that make me think different for myself. In others I was the mature person that give good advice. I hear so many different opinions and hoppies and jobs that i didn't even think that exist! I learn to live with little things (beacause i have send back home almost everything) and it was just fine! I understand who was importand back home for me beacause I missed him/her and I was greatfull and happy when they contact with me to see how I was. I understand to whom i wasn't importand because in the pandemic they didn't care to ask for my health.     

I met people who eventually i didn't match with them, and now I know the kind of people i want to hang out! (of course we have to be careful with the fake and toxic people because we have fun and we don't understand how bad that does to us!)

Eventually, when it was time to go back home i was very happy because of course i had missed my family and my friends a lot. But I knew that I had spend my Erasmus as perfect as possible! I had meet people that i would never forget! Everyone seems really happy meeting me that make me feel accepted even now! So i know that if someone doesn't like me in the future is not my fault !!

I still keep contact with some of them even now and sometimes I like to share my news or bad moments asking for their opinions.

So strangers reading my blog, That Erasmus is all about! Don't let anything scares you have an adventure. NOt even a pandemic can make you stop contact with people and share moments.

Don't forget to take energy and put it in something you Love


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