Vingis Park

The largest park in Vilnius is Vingis Park. As I said before, I love nature so I looked for some nice park once it started getting warmer outside and the first results that popped up was this one.

After finding a way to get there by bus, I have a much easier one. From the Bell Tower of the Vilnius Cathedral you just walk on Gedimino Prospekt until you reach the Neris River. You cross the street and turn left, leaving the river on your right, then you simply walk along the river and there you are, in the biggest park in Vilnius.




These picture are from the beginning of March, there still was a little bit of snow on the ground, but not so much. As you can see, this is a peaceful place you can see and not only. in the middle of the Park there is a gym and what be more healthy than going for a run in this park for a warm up and then going to the gym. 


On the opposite part of this gym there is a place where, during summer, were held some festivals and concerts and I found out that the big events are usually held either in the Cathedral Square or in this park.



The most interesting thing is that the seats are painted into the colors of the Lithuanian flag. Imagine this place being full of life and people as soon as it starts to be warmer outside. Near it you can also rent a bike or roller blades and enjoy the full experience of this park. It is not so expensive, you pay per hour and if I remember corectly, it was something like 2 euros/h. And you can choose what bike or roller blades you think fit you best.

And because the park is next to a river, if you just want to relax next to it during a hot summer day, you can also go there, even though there are not so many benches but you can go for a picnic there.




These photos are taken during spring but in the summertime it is even more beautiful and people come here to relax, eat, for a barbeque or even to fish

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