The first days in Vilnius

How it all began

I arrived in Vilnius in February. I still remember how excited I was and didn't know what was going to happen. When I arrived at the airport my ESN buddy was waiting for me ( one of the best parts of ESN is that you have a buddy that will help you throughout your whole Erasmus experience and will, of course, become your first friend there ). But what else happened at the airport in Vilnius? I met my roommate-to-be, Hakan from Turkey.

While we were heading to our dormitory, we got lost and almost freezed to death. But when we arrived everything changed. Even though we were at the outskirts of the city, the dormitory was really nice, but unfortunately our other roommate was not so happy to living with 2 more people.

There were some disagreements between us because he had a job and was there to study full time, not like us only 6 months and wanted to leave alone. The room was also too small for 3 people and indeed he was right. There was not even enough space to unpack and put everything on shelves.

For a month we stayed there and in the meanwhile we wanted to find some place that was closer to our university and succeeded in doing it. We moved to Sauletekio no. 37, in another part of Vilnius. 

What we didn't know at that time was that there would begin our true Erasmus experience. At the other dormitory there weren't so many students from other countries, mostly from Lithuania but when we arrived at this one, we saw that it was so vivid and people full of life would wander in and around it, listening to music, gossiping, finding more about each other's culture and so on.

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