Sunset at the TV Tower in Vilnius

Every one has experienced disappointment, broken dreams and regret. These feelings often are present in our daily life, especially if we build high expectations, that are just the imagined creatures in our mind. One day, when I was 12 years old, I had created a wonderful image of the experience of one of the most visited tourist destinations in Lithuania – TV tower. However, after this I learned that we do not control everything (weather especially), thus it is important to have a thorough preparation. In this way, your expectations won’t tear into thousands of pieces of regret, sadness and anger.


I started this article with my personal story, which may sound so simple and sensible, but many people forget about the weather as the factor influencing your trip. Therefore, when you plan your visit to the TV Tower, make sure you won’t have huge grey clouds in front of you or dark rainy day because you will miss the most breath-taking view and experience you could have in Lithuania! And who knows, maybe you won’t ever recommend your friends visiting TV Tower, as I did when I was a child.


Breath-taking view from the bird’s eye level

Consequently, my logical mind grew up and later I climbed TV Tower during a sunny summer day, when I saw my lovely city form the bird’s eye view – Old Town, historical monuments, rivers surrounded by the green parks and a shocking difference of modern city of skyscrapers opposite the old grey flats. For those who are interested in history, I would suggest going back in mind to soviet times, reminding that Lithuania was part of the Soviet Union until the 1991. Interestingly, this history is closely linked to the events that occurred under the TV Tower back in 1991.

TV Tower is a high tower with 326.5 m height, located in Karoliniskes (one of the districts of Vilnius). Today TV tower became known as a tourist destination, as it has observation deck around the cade called ‘’Pauksciu takas’’ (in English means ‘’Milky Way’’). There you can have a high-class luxurious meal, a drink or a dessert. For those who like seafood, I would recommend the salad with prawns, as it was so delicious. Also, it is a perfect place to visit with an international friend, who is in Lithuania for the first time and wants to explore more about Lithuania culture, history and geography.

Perfect place to enjoy the sunset

One evening I my met brother and his new friend from Moscow at the Train Station in Vilnius. Due to the beautiful weather and limited time, we decided to show our new friend a new perspective and unforgettable memories – let’s go to the TV Tower! – my brother said excited and satisfied with his brilliant idea. In contrast, I thought that the view won’t be worth our time because of the darkness, however, I was totally wrong.


8th highest building in Europe

We reached TV Tower by the trolleybus NR1 Stotis – Karoliniskesin 30 min, bought our tickets ( £9, but if you are a student you will get a discount) and soon we were at the 8th highest building in Europe and 26th in the world! Both of us and our friends were admiring to the fullest the view in front of us – calm evening, sunrise and very soon – a red moon I saw for the first time. Thus, despite all my previous experience, expectations and imagination, at that moment I was reminded of who we are, where is our home and what does it mean ‘’attachment to your culture, home, and roots’’. Some may call it being conservative, but I believe this is what makes you a unique, alive and conscious person.


Today, every year on the 13th of January, Lithuanian people commemorate the terrific events from 1991. When during the attack on the State Radio and TV Tower, 14 ordinary people were killed and even more injured. All of that happened next to the TV Tower, what today tells about Lithuania history, culture and shows why Vilnius should be on your list of TOP 10 places to visit.

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