Hidden Gem in Vilnius - the Abandoned Place

As I am an adventurer I had to find a place in Vilnius that nobody knew and I managed to do it. One day I was just walking on a street not so far from the city center and I found an abandoned church but unfortunately you couldn't get inside it and it was protected.

But I was also able to find another building right next to the church. A place that looked like a campus for a high school or probably even an university. Not even the locals were able to tell me what was there before, but because we found books and some maps and rooms that looked like a Dean's Office or a classroom, a library, dormitories and so on we just assumed that it was a college with a big campus.

This place in situate near The American International School of Vilnius, on the Subaciaus Street. There are two big walls that are breached and you can take that way ( that was the first way inside that I discovered) but after some time I found a gate that leads inside on a different street: Vitebsko g. 18.



These photos are taken after climbing the wall and going under the other one, before finding the main entrance.

But from the other side one just needs to walk to this address and you will find yourself inside in no time. This is how the place before the main gate looks like ( and that is my friend over there; he was brave enough to join me there ):


Inside the campus there are serveral buildings and all of them are worth exploring.






Once you enter you can find this building in which I took the pictures above on the left, but there is one building that I loved more because of the big windows and the light that would enter through those windows.



This one is on the right side. Just exit the building on the left and go on the other side and you can find yourself in this one, which I actually found good for pictures. Or if you plan on shooting a horror movie, this would be the perfect spot for it.

Now, taking the same main road will lead you to another metal gate and if you walk inside that part you can find the school on the right. There is a door that can be opened so just go inside and you can find maps, books or the most interesting room in that whole building which was one with a wall covered with packs of cigars.



I suppose that back in the days that wall was fully covered by the packs but vandals also found this place and destroyed it. However, they didn't touch the books. Yes, they are in Lithuanian as well as Russian, mostly about engineering but also literature.

I love how this place stayed untouched and trees grew surrouding the building so you can also take some good pics from any building in there.


So if you have some time, this place is a hiddem gem in Vilnius, never saw any living soul there besides me and my friends, and we went there several times to discover more of it.

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  • flag- Louis de Robert one year ago

    Sadly the campus has since been destroyed, I tried getting into the monastery yesterday (it's protected but there's a place someone has clearly breached the wall) but there are a few buildings left around it that are still cool. It seems that in recent years the authorities have been reclaiming and destroying a lot of what used to be abandoned in and around Vilnius :/

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