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  • Chateau de Versailles

    France is one of the most visited countries both in Europe and in the world, and it's no surprise considering its historical, artistic and cultural richness. If you are going to visit France (you have to do it), I recommend that you spend at least a minimum of five days...

    0 by Lottie, 2 years ago
  • Hameau de la Reine

    Can you imagine a palace so big that has a small village inside its domains? That's Chateau de Versailles. Its garden has more than 600 hectares, hundreds of statues, dozens of fountains, a lake, a waterway, forests, small palaces and mansions, and even a copy of a...

    0 by Ethel, 2 years ago
  • Le Petit Trianon

    Inside the domains of Chateau de Versailles there are many things to see. Among the uncountable gardens, fountains, lakes and sculptures there are other palaces. Le Petit Trianon is one of them. Located in the domains of Trianon, a place that used to be a French...

    0 by Ethel, 2 years ago
  • Le Grand Trianon

    Everybody knows Versailles for the main castle, the Chateau, but inside the jardins you may find other palaces. The most important of them is the Grand Trianon, a place built for Madame de Montespan, a royal lady with whom the king Luis XIV had an affair, and used by...

    0 by Ethel, 2 years ago
  • Les Jardins de Versailles

    Chateau de Versailles is the biggest castle in the world and has also the most enormous garden you'll ever see. With more than 800 hectares, Les Jardins de Versailles have more than 30 different mini gardens and woods in it, and many sculptures and fountains from the...

    0 by Ethel, 2 years ago

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