Lost in Venice!

As I said, I chose Padova to study abroad, what I didn't tell you was that is 20 min away from a much desired place, Venice.


Venice is a city with its own beauty and you can try to compare it to another city, but you won't be able to find one similar to it. The river canals, the zig-zag tight streets, and the carnival masks all over the place, give Venice its unique and wonderful beauty.

There, you also have the islands of Murano and Burano.

Murano is known for the manufacture of glass. Beautiful and colorful objects made of that glass, such as statues, pens, rings, bracelets, tins, jars, lamps, everything!

Burano is less known, but it has a peculiarity, everywhere you look, you'll see the color spectrum, because each house as it own vivid color. Oh! And one tip for you guys, do you want to buy a venezian carnival mask, but within a certain budget? buy in Burano! I bought mine there for 30 euros handmade and original. Since you are not in the turistic part, the artisans will sell cheaper.

Referring back to the main part of Venice, I have to make a statement: It is impossible and completely impossible that you get tired of Venice! For example I have been 6 times in Venice, and after the fourth I was almost forced to go, but every time I ended up finding a lot of different places, every single time!

So my advice is after visiting the main places such as Saint Mark Square, Rialto Bridge and many others, just turn off the GPS, google maps, whatsoever, and lost yourself in the streets of Venice.

That is what I love the most in Venice, you can't never get tired, and if you lost yourself you'll find unique places that are unforgettable. That works perfectly on me, because even with Google Maps, I lost myself every minute. Really, I have the worst orientation sense in the world ahah.

The last time that I went there, was last week, and as I said I didn't want to go, because inside my mind I thought that I had seen everything. Guess what? I was wrong, we found new beautiful churches, we found a free art museum with astonishing pieces, and my favorite a really old bookshop with a unique feeling!

Twenty meters away from the bookshop entry, you could feel some kind of a slight wet old books smell, and when you reach the entry, you encounter these beautiful and tall columns of various books, that turned out to be one of my favorite photos so far, which is also in the post.


Inside the bookshop, you would only be able to walk trough tiny corridors limited by.... books of course. Stacked one on top of each other, more than half of the ceiling was in contact with books. It is really amazing, and those are the little but incredible things that you can find when you lost yourself.

What I haven't mentioned yet, or at least not deeply, which is one of the main atractions in Venice, it is the Carnival.

What is said, is that, the Carnival was the outcome of a victory, the celebration of a dark period in Venice, the victory of the Serenissima Reppubblica against the Patriarch of Aquileia. People would celebrate this date by gathering in Saint Mark's Square and dancing. Only after that the masks were added to those festivities in away that would preserve the prestigious image of Venice in the World.

It was so crowded, but it was worthy to see such different masks and costums, that people buy or rent, which are suprisingly expensive. As the time passed, new types of costums were added, but still you can see some traditionals such as the Bauta, colombina and the Plague Doctor.


To end this post, I am giving you two tips: one for eat well, and the other, the perfect place to buy a souvenir.

So starting form the second, that perfect place and also one of the landmarks of Venice, is the Rialto Bridge, there is a huge market with items so diverse, that you will for sure find that souvenir that you are looking for.

Speaking now about a place to eat, I have to refer and recommend the restaurant "Trattoria Al Gazzettino". You may even find my recommendation in Tripadvisor. I must say, it is one of the best restaurants, that I ever eat.

Everything from the food to the cheerfulness of the waiters are spectacular. Best risotto that I ate here in Italy. The staff even offered me one bottle of wine produced by them without charging nothing. I had an amazing experience there. Go there, you won't regret it!

I hope you liked, next chapter Vienna!

Bye bye travellers

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