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a maze of endless alleys

Venice is a maze of endless alleys and we loved how we have been lost all the time! From early morning, we took the train from romano to venezia, P, to explore St. Mark's Square. Mark and Bridge Rialto, who is still a little tourist at this time. Rain falls from tiime to time  but were not the problem because everything was perfect their .

So quick, I adore Venecia and its architecture. But I can not help but amaze me with its water-damaged façades ... The city has many surprises: sometimes elegant churches with eastern-influenced architecture, gendarmerie restoration workshops or hospitals in ancient monuments. I felt like I was inside  a movie or more a fantasy story.

When the sun is pointing outward, the gondoliers are out. Maritime traffic doubles along the canals, sometimes creating the bottleneck of peers. Really, you have to see it to believe it!

Let's say, Venice is not a cheap destination. It was not easy to find a decent restaurant. The price of the main museums is rarely less than 13 euros and it takes at least 35 euros for a dinner for two people in spaghetti. due to my lonliness I accepteed the 13n euros .

things thet you need to know before booking:
Season: Rowing begins in March. The season ends in October. Every day, there are many possible openings between 10 am and 7 pm.

Prices : ask before buying or booking .

Try to avoid touriistics guides u don t need to .

Have a nice travel 

                                                      ELJAZOULI SOUAD 

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