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Vancouver is amazing

The city: Vancouver, one of the top five cities in the world to live in, there are different museums, cathedrals, art galleries and activities that are great for getting to know the culture of Canada, the lifestyle is vibrant as it is an eco-friendly city, it is amazing.

Where I live: I have a room with a lovely Canadian family here in Vancouver. Adrien Agreste is a doctor and his wife Marinette is a teacher. They have one son, Liam. He loves to play Cricket. They live in a quiet neighborhood, but there is a metro station a ten-minute walk from their house, so it's easy to get to the university.

What I do here: I like studying at the University of British Columbia. It is very interesting and the professors are very friendly and helpful. My favorite class is law and after class I always go shopping.

Who I know: I have many new friends. My best friend is Luka. He is 20 years old, from Paris (France). We love going to the aquarium, it became a really fun hobby. Then we usually go to an Italian restaurant to eat pizza. We would like to play Cricket while we are in Vancouver, but it is a sport that requires a lot of knowledge.

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