Bar/Restaurante 'Las tres Bellotas'

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Las tres Bellotas: brilliant, beautiful, bargain.

Translated by Jake Entwistle — 6 years ago

Original text by Adri P

Las tres Bellotas is one of the best bars I've been to in Valladolid. Even though it's a restaurant, it doesn't feel like one, but of course you can still indulge yourself in the amazing food it has to offer. It has an amazing menu and if they make the food with the care the bar stuff show then I'm pretty sure it would be amazing.

I went here for the first time with a few class mates when I was in first year. We went because one of my friends had mentioned it, saying we had to go. They were not wrong.

To describe the bar you can use 3 adjectives that Spanish people love to use when we visit this sort of place: bueno (brilliant), bonito (beautiful) and barato (bargain).


Because anything you ask for you're going to like. They have a tapas menu with loads of different options and everything is made from scratch (I'm not sure but I think there are about 40 different tapas). Fish, fried, meat, cheese... you could get lost in the menu, luckily everything is abbreviated. Whatever you ask for anyway, you will love it.


Because not only is the tapas amazing, the service is impeccable. The water usually behind the bar, Felipe, gets along with everyone and treats them like he's known them all his life. Also, whilst you wait for the tapas, you can try some of the tasters he has put out on the bar, mini starters to help line your stomachs for the drinks soon to follow. The times we've been, we've been seen within 5 minutes and you can ask any of the staff for advice on what to order or to try.


Because you couldn't call it anything else. All the tapas costs €1, and they are all amazing. The 125ml beers are €1. 30 (well they were the last time I was there) and in terms of other drinks like Coke, Fanta, etc. I don't actually have a clue. I imagine they will be something like €2, like the rest of Valladolid.

Final thoughts

I've heard the restaurant is a bit more expensive now, but if they've kept everything else the same, it will still be worth it. Like I said, brilliant, beautiful, bargain. You can go out for dinner, or just a bite to eat, two or three of their tapas is a treat for palate and pocket alike.

Due to the amazing price and even better food, this restaurant/bar is perfect for erasmus students and anyone else visiting the city. It's also great for any local students looking for something different to do.

An amazing place, go and enjoy it!

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