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How to go, how to move in VLC!

The second week in Valencia has began. Now we finally have our monthly pass for public transportation.

You can only order the Chipcard on site, in the office of the "estacion de Colon". You should bring with you a copy of your ID, a Passport-type photo and 5€ for the processing fee of each card. You receive a form to fill out. After two days, you can pick up your Chipcard. Only then do you pay the ticket price. The monthly pass is activated from the first "check-in" on the subway, bus or tram, and is then valid for 30 days.

A tip for passengers under 30. With a "Carnet JOVE" card, you get a 15% discount on your tickets. For museums, the theatre, cinemas, leisure activities, shopping, travel tickets, and so on, you get different discounts with the card. The card costs 8,40 euros and is valid Europe-wide for 2 years.

With the 15% discount on the monthly ticket you take the cost of the "Jove card" immediately out and from then on you start to save with each payment of the card. Cool offer! Let's see what it brings!

So, first get the Jove card (Carrer de l'Hospital, 11, 46001 València) ad then go to the office at the "Colon" subway station. In the form for the monthly pass, you the data of the Jove card will be entered.

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