41 Things to do in Valencia

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Valencia is a city with the perfect balance between being cosmopolite but still not massive, more chill, and smaller than Madrid or Barcelona. It has a nice combination of good weather, location, lovely architecture, and different attractions.

Valencia is not crowded, not expensive, and has beaches and nearby mountains. Also, there are many beautiful towns scattered around the Province of Valencia and lots of natural reserves for outdoor activities.

Having lived in Valencia for almost five years now, I can tell that it is an ideal city in both ways – as a tourist attraction and as a place to live.

Key takeaways

  • Valencia is Spain’s third most populated city, after Madrid and Barcelona, with almost 1 million people living in the metropolis area.
  • The World Capital of Design in 2022.
  • Probably, the second most popular destination among digital nomads, retirees, and others, after Portugal.
  • It has beaches, a port, an old town, a large river park Turia, stunning Calatrava’s City of Arts & Sciences, a football team & stadium.
  • Good public transportation and perfect for exploring by bike.
  • People are friendly, and the food is fresh and healthy. Vibrant nightlife and lively streets, restaurants, and bars.
  • At the same time, there are many quiet and authentic neighborhoods.

Best things to do and see in Valencia

1. Visit the Mercado Central and browse fresh produce

2. Visit La Lonja de la Seda

3. Walk through the labyrinth of small streets to Plaza de la Reina

4. Visit Valencia Cathedral

5. See Plaza de la Virgen

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