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Today is my Luck Day!

Who would say! A Tuesday March 8, 2011, working women's day.. CONGRATULATIONS to all of them so here! (Myself included) jajja! xD xD Well this is more or less than the 12. 45 pm, I called from a 977... I without knowing the code, who will tell.. well then call me in a contest that take on the Facebook, on a drawing for a trip to Andorra for 2 people! The case I checked it and whatever.. no! Well it turns out that the winner was me haha! So I like that, I've won a trip for when I want to Andorra.. So here I am now hyper mega super happy... Who I was going to tell me! jajja! XD XD So nothing... why? How were your day?! I hope that super cool; ) Bsiiitos!

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