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Studying at Utrecht University

I was fortunate enough to study at Utrecht University and I absolutely do not regret it. Student supervision through education is very present, always attentive. The infrastructure of the univerisity is modern, new and well maintained. The teachers are attentive, understanding and kind. They have the desire to teach us new knowledges. Grades are sometimes harsh but fair, and really reflects our level. Advices from the teachers is adapted and coherent and allows to progress.
The living environment is ideal, everyone speaks English, nature is everywhere, the bike is pleasant to use, and the campus is very large ! It is also easy to find a student job especially at the Spar of the campus where the team is amazing. Student accommodation is very well organized, and saves money because the cost of living is very high. The city itself is very beautiful, nicely decorated for Christmas, and lots of great walks to do (including canoeing!). Also with transports (that can be very expensive) you can visit all the other cities of the Netherlands which are beautiful !

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