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Experience in Utrecht University, Netherlands

Generally, what is Universiteit Utrecht like?

It is a good University. Whenever you need help, they will make sure you will get it.

What are the facilities like?

The facilities are good. There is a big library, and the buildings where you get to college are nice. However, there are not always enough places with computers to study and study places in general.


What are the tutors like?

The tutors are good. I had my tutor for two years and he organized meetings to discuss our study progress. He also organized things with the whole tutor class to meet new people and the possibility to discuss difficulties with studying.

Are the lessons easy in Universiteit Utrecht?

I would not say that they are easy. But when you make the assignments, participate in your classes and pay attention during the lectures, it is not hard to understand the information that they gave you during the lessons.

Does the University organise activities? If so, what are they like?

The University organized a lot of activities. Most activities are study related and are aimed at improving your skills. They help you with finding an internship or get experience in your working field.

Do you think there is a good quality of teaching?

I think there is a good quality of teaching at the University. However, I think some lectures are too long and not very interactive. The classes are mostly more interesting, but not all the students are motivated to participate and because of that reason it is not always efficient.

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