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Having experience of Erasmus scholarship program, at the age of becoming 'daddy' in India; well... this happened last year! I know, it may feel weird to people from different cultures after they know about my age. But for me it was a life time opportunity and I'm still feeling satiated after its end.

It was my first time living abroad and also my first time ever going out of my country. But I felt proud that I was able to exactly answer that question: "When was the last time you did something for the first time in your life?" The answer is a plethora of life's first moments like first journey in an aeroplane, first time in life studying with girls as project mates, first high speed rail travel, first time kayaking, first time getting drunk and first kiss with a woman (although by chance) I think now you can understand what this Erasmus experience must have done in the life of a person like me.

I have been in 3 countries in Europe namely Spain, France & Germany. Like with other countries in Europe, each has distinct colors, fragrances and tastes. But based on my little experience, I concluded that to work, be in Germany; to enjoy best of social life, be in France and to enjoy student life, be in Spain. And that too in Valencia... it is crazy, trust me. I have never imagined in India people having party 2-3 days per week. My god, I have never gone to wild dance parties in life before, since they are not common in most parts of India. You will dance even if you don't like, you will sing even if that sounds horrible and you will love it even if you are usual party pooper. Such is the party feeling in air of this city, that is beyond explanations in writing. You can only be there to feel it.

Most friends I had in Erasmus years were not from Spain itself. One important reason was the language barrier. Not many people in Spain 'speak' English and those who know it may feel that their English speaking is not good. As I had no knowledge of Spanish language and I got company of English speaking countries; my opportunity to know more about Spanish people and culture remained under utilized. Still I felt people in Spain were passionate, they loved humour and knew how to live life king size. On the other hand, Spanish people there did not dare to try new things and they were deeply rooted with their cultural values.

Everything in my whole Erasmus experience was a life changing. My way of thinking got affected forever. I attained another way to look at life and all credit goes to this experience. I have more friends in Europe now than in India. In some way it is disadvantageous that most times in my dreams, I am in Europe; even after my visa has already expired... Logically, the mind should be where you are physically for peaceful living as they say. I know I will be back in Europe as soon as the opportunity comes knocking on my door.

In fact I sometimes feel doubtful, whether I don't belong to India anymore.

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