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Blog: Hamed memories
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Various concerns may arise during staying time in the different countries for Erasmus students and how to interface with new experiences and difficulties individually. All of them just try to obtain best educational opportunity and discover the new places, new friends and moreover in some case sharing our life with them during the temporary short time of Erasmus. I hope my 'My memories' will not be boring for you during five months living in Erasmus process, I participated with many friends in interesting competition and we change the world record also, I visited many beautiful cities in Europe: Oviedo, Gijón, Budapest, Vienna, Zurich, Milan, Barcelona, Bilbao, Lisbon, Berlin, Copenhagen, Gothenburg.


Small city which located north of Spain with lots of beautiful and attractive places with collection of artistic architectures, surrounded by beautiful mountains. If your university is in Oviedo and located in central campus anything will be easily accessible just by walking: shopping, bars, restaurants, parks, hospitals. Food and clothes prices in compare with Turkey, are so cheap, if you prefer to buy cheapest and verify kind of foods stuff I would recommend you visit 'Mercadona' market, and for clothes stuff I would recommend you Primark.

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