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Experience in University of Geneva, Switzerland by Carina


Generally, what is University of Geneva like?

It's a really nice University, modern and big. Most classes are quite big, I am studying International Relations, so in the first years we were in most classes around 600 students, so that changes a lot regarding the small classes in Peru. The whole study system is really different as well. You don't have a lot to do during the semester (besides you are visiting seminaries or maths classes) and normally you neither have exams during your semester (it depends as well on your faculty), but you have a huge exam at the end of the semester, which is quite difficult (with a few exceptions).

But I think for an exchange semester it's perfect as in most classes you don't have to be present and in addition most of them are recorded. In most classes you only have to pass the final exam, but pay attention, this is not the case for all classes (not in small classes and seminaries).

What are the facilities like?

The facilites are really nice, big, modern and good organized. There are 2 really big libraries, one is old and beautiful and the other one quite modern. There are a lot of computers which can be used by the students (in the libraries).


What are the tutors like?

The tutors are in most cases really professional and good professors. But as the classes are huge, the relationships are not really personal and close.

Are the lessons easy in University of Geneva?

I think the lessons are quite difficult and on an international high level. At least for all the obligatory lessons. The professors are expecting a lot from their students.

Does the University organize activities? What are they like?

There are a lot of University associations which organize activities. There is one which is called ALMA, a Latin American association, which I highly recommend. They always have great parties and nice members from all over the world.

Once a semester there is also the UniParty which is organized by the University. it is huge and a very fun.

There are a lot of other activities: a big sports program, a theatre, dancing classes and camps and even summer classes.

Do you think the teaching is of a high quality?

Oh yes it definitely is.

Are there any stories you can share?

I think you will like Geneva. It's a wonderful city, but I would recommend you to go there during the Summer semester, because when the weather is nice, everyone is going outside and going on the lake; everyone is in a good mood and happy and there are a lot of things to do. (summer semester is from February to June).

The winter semester (from August to December) is really nice as well, but it's cold and there are not a lot of things to do and most importantly people are a lot closer than during the summer time. But as we have four seasons in Switzerland, even if you are coming for the semester starting in August you will still experience one month of Summer. Then the mild autumn months, which are really beautiful as well and then the winter will start around November.

Be aware that in Switzerland everything is really, really expensive, especially if you are used to the prices in Perù, I think it's gonna be quite hard for me when I'll return. But on the other hand if you're able to work in Switzerland, you would earn a lot of money as well (you could teach Spanish for example for at least 60 Soles which is more or less 20 Dollars/ 20 Swiss Francs) an hour).

If you have some more questions, just let me know.


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  • Amal Jabrane 2 years ago

    Hello, thank you for sharing your experience, its nice hearing from people that have already been there. I will be going next year for the full year and i would like to ask you some questions. First of all how can you find a job to share with your studies? cause i will be also studying the same degree that you did (International relations), and do you really have time for both, studying and working.
    On the other hand i would like to know, How did you get your appartment if you know any websites ?
    Thanks, besitoos

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