Erasmus students don't study and other myths...

There are lots of myths concerning Erasmus students, and not all of them are true. Firstly, it really depends on what university you go to. In my case, the University of Bologna wasn't all plain-sailing, whether you are Italian or from abroad. They are uninterested, although as always, it completely depends on which professor you have.

Let's start this analysis:

"Erasmus students don't study"

False. In my case, I studied more this year than I did in Spain. Obviously, the hours are multiplied due to the language, as no matter how similar the language is, you should study at least two or three books per module in Italian.. In conclusion, yes they study.


From the creators of "Erasmus students don't study", we also have "they pass easily / they're handed out pass marks"

False. I'm saying this because for me, in the first semester, the subject that I studied the most for I failed not once, but twice. The third time was fine, but what I want to say is that a few teachers pass you for nothing more than being pretty (I'm saying this because I didn't pass but my friends did). So I wouldn't risk it if I were you.

"You miss out on a year of studying"

False. It depends on where you go. In Bologna, as I already said, you're going to study and you won't lose a year (I felt like I gained one). But this depends on your attitude. If you come here just to go out and you're lucky that you pass the exams with minimal effort, then yes, you can speak about losing a year (academically speaking). But I think that you can study hard and still have a good time, which is really what you want.



"They only go on nights out. "

True. Party to your heart's content, but it's not just partying. Erasmus students do so many other things...


There is a time for everything! #lovingbologna


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