Personal Interview

Until February You will not know nothing at all of the Erasmus, just waiting and the impatience of a thing as important as an exchange. But now little by little you will have to do more things, and you will have to way few days to know your final destination.

These dates Will Be By hour of the personal interview. The day varies according to the career. Remained with us to the 10 of the morning in the room That There is in front of the café of the university of biology. We Were nervous and did Not Know in Which Would go in order. They Were finally calling in order of the average of your file (or create this).

You jump up in in the room and a person WAS expecting you to do you the interview. You Do Not Concern you by the interview. The Truth Is That I Do Not Know Until Which point is decisive. They ask you a bit the why of the destinations That Have Chosen, if You Can allow you an Erasmus and little more.

My interview Did not last more than 10 minutes.

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