Hooking up in Sweden

Today I am bringing an interesting topic to the table, and we'll see if it hots up the comments, which ultimately few people will comment on! What I'm saying may be seen as a little biased because I have a partner, and the majority of people that I go out with are the same (either from the home countries or with people they have met here).

We all know that there is a lot of admiration for blue eyes and blond hair. We have all heard of those blonds with the perfect curves and those muscular Swedes. That's why we've all once wanted to hook up with a Swede. But, is it that easy?

The answer isn't that simple, but what would be the most likely it is depends. The Swedish are also attracted to the exotic Spanish, the dark brown eyes with sun-tanned skin. But can out bodies compete with the Swedish? Here, the idea of "courting" is a lot simpler than in Spain. Here the people are a lot more direct. I'll give you an example of something that happened to me that other day, which I wanted to mention in this post:

I was in a club with some friends and I see this girl look at me, and as she looks at me, I look at her and as I look at her, she looks at me. Suddenly I realised what was happening, so I turned around but she was faster and she touched my shoulder.

- Hello!

- Hi, what's your name?

(The usual conversation of names, what you study, where you're from... )

- Do you want to dance?

- No. thank you, I'm a little tired.

- Ah, do you have a girlfriend?

And suddenly you're in. Within 3 minutes she had already made her intentions clear. I insinuated that I wasn't interested and quietly she went, without any problems.

The truth is that this had never happened to me before, but what I saw was enough. If they spot someone they're interested in, whether they are male or female, they don't have a problem in making themselves clear.

In principle, as I understand, this kind of thing is to go straight to bed. If what they want is a relationship, things change a lot and they become a little curious, but I'll talk about that another day.

From what I've seen, in general people hook up with other Erasmus students because that's who they go out with. At parties it's usually 80% Erasmus and 20% Swedish people (at the most). The Swedish are used to living alone and enjoy this luxury. However, for many Erasmus, it's usually the first time without parents and they want to enjoy this commodity which won't last forever. I've also heard that the Swedish, accustomed to having attractive bodies, see a Spaniard (without many curves and muscles) and they're not interested!

Ok, let's go, I want to see some comments and I want to know what it's like in other countries!

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