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    Experience at the University of Murcia, Spain by Luis

    In general, what is the University of Murcia like? It’s good! It’s not bad. Very entertaining. What are the premises like? The university buildings are in two different places. On one hand, there is the Campus La Merced (in the city centre) for subjects like Legal...

    0 by Maya, 2 years ago
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    La Merced Campus at the University of Murcia

    Hello everyone! I want to share my experience as a student for the last five years at the University of Murcia (UM) for all those of you who are thinking, or have decided, that Murcia might be a good destination for your Erasmus exchange. First and foremost, I want to...

    0 by Lottie, 3 years ago
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    trouble with police

    I was giving private english classes and online the university too on the bulletin board.The police caught mne and said it was illegal.I paid no taxes.I was warned to stop.Be careful and dont advert online clases particulares ingles in murcia.It is...

    0 by cuenta oficial oposicion, 4 years ago
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    A hard to finish engineering

    Hello Erasmusus!!I want to tell you my experience as a computer engineer.The best thing that I can highlight about this university is the quality of the education, in particular about computer engineering. It is very good valued in the country by other universities and...

    0 by Rocío , 11 years ago
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    Graduate in ADE (Faculty of Economics and Enterprise)

    Hello! I can tell you my experience in the Economics and Enterprise Faculty.The facilities in this faculty were great; although, in my opinion, the whole campus of Espinardo is great. The best thing, without any doubt, is the studying room. The computers' rooms (ALAs)...

    0 by Rocío , 11 years ago
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    Studying Medicine in Murcia

    As a medicine students that has to take part in internships only I can tell you that most of the doctors in the hospital are really friendly and take their time to explain things - but it depends mainly on you if you ask them! The internships mainly takes place at...

    1 by Marcel, 11 years ago

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