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Published by Jesse Weidema — 3 years ago

Blog: Who am I?!
Tags: Erasmus blog UK , UK , Czech Republic

My name is Jesse, 23 years old. Being born and raised in Amsterdam this will be the first time for me leaving the city for longer than 30 days. In Prague I’ll be on a student-exchange which takes place from the end of August until mid February. Within this time I will be studying at the Charles University, following courses with an emphasis on philosophy and history. If, however, these topics are considered twaddle by those whom I might live with, no worries, you won’t be bothered. Russia and Eastern Europe are of my interest also and, therefore, living with some locals would be amazing.

I’m easy to get along with; approachable, pretty quiet and absolutely won’t leave a mess. Mosty, I tend to enjoy good music, pleasant and of course tasteful food and alonggoing diners. Besides, I like holidays, hanging out but stuff which is fun and nice. In other words: I’ll be the perfect roommate.

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