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An awful experience at the University of Agder, Norway

Hi friends...


For those who have decided or are ready to move to Norway, especially to study at the University of Agder, I just want to tell you and warn you about some disastrous experiences, which I have had to face.

First of all, I found that the staff members weren't very polite and respectful : they answer emails or take calls almost never. In addition, some teachers don't even respond at all, which show us that they don't care about the students' life and their satisfaction.

In addition, the Erasmus celebrations and trips are highly expensive. Thus, I believe that this is a way for Norwegians to collect more money.

Then, the facilities are very poor: the university doesn't have a proper sport center or a quite library and have a very limited collection of books. Moreover, there is any free parking for students. Also, the weather is bad : during the autumn and the winter, the ground is not entirely get rid of snow, so it's very slippery (I slipped more than 10 times, believe me! ).


Concerning the dormitory, the heating system is really weak. In a word, a catastrophe! In general, the dormitory belongs to a company, called SIA : the SIA dormitories are more expensive than the private apartment, located outside the campus. Furthermore, the SIA staff are very rude, they don't care about the privacy: for instance, I remember that they entered in my room 3 times, without any notification in advance, or without knocking the door. Unfortunately, I had some conflicts with them, and their manager hadn't a good attitude. So, I advise you to find a private accommodation, if you are going to study at the University of Agder, because they are more respectful and the price is lower (you can use this website

According to me, the Erasmus students should pay the same amount as the citizens. For example, the Norweigan citizens get several social benefits that the foreigners can't take advantage.

Sadly, I noticed a shadow of racism in Agder area, that's why I won't never go to this city again.

To conclude, I would like to say that there are plenty of beautiful places on earth, and so, plenty of universities, which are highly recommended by thousand of students. SO, ENJOY THE WORLD BY DISCOVERING THEM !

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