Experience in University of Huelva, Spain by Marine

What is the University of Huelva like in general?

Very good university. No student halls on campus. Very accessible by bus, car or bike. Shopping centre 300 metres away. Library open day and night with computers and internet access.

What are the facilities like?

Sports hall, tennis, volleyball and basketball court and football pitch. Very reasonably priced with young, dynamic and friendly teachers. Two cantines on campus, a library and IT suite with access to computers.

And the teachers?

Teachers here are nothing like those in France. Classes are very interactive and the teachers look for student participation. Very distinct way of teaching. I think that there are a lot more practical classes than in French universities.

Is it easy to do well at the University of Huelva?

It's really good being an Erasmus at this university. The teachers adapt their grading criteria to our difficulties quite well. And sometimes they give you your overall average if you haven't done so well in the exam. They are quite flexible with us.

Does the university organise activities? If yes, what are they like?

The University of Huelva is extremely good to its Erasmus students. There is an office of staff and students who are responsible for guiding, helping, creating a list of accommodation, organising nights out as well as weekends and trips away.

Are the classes of a good quality?

I think that it depends on the subject. But in general they are pretty good.

Do you have any anecdotes that you'd like to mention?

Be careful with the accommodation you choose. Landlords in Huelva allow most things and the contracts are not as binding as they are in France. In that, I mean that landlords in Huelva like choosing Erasmus students because they are generally not able to "defend themselves" due to the language. I recommend being very precise and detailed in your inventory. Don't pay the last month's rent in cash, but instead use the deposit you gave at the beginning of your stay because some landlords are awkward when it comes to getting your deposit back.

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  • Katiúscia Gusmão one year ago

    Hello Marine! So, in the university dont there students accommodations?

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