Experience at the Universidad de Huelva, Spain by Amandine

How is the Universidad de Huelva in general?

There are two universities: El Carmen and La Merced. For my part, I was in La Merced, which is in the city center next to the Church of the same name. It's a fairly small university where all the courses related to business management and tourism are located. It's close to shops, bars, etc., a huge positive point when compared to the faculty of Carmen.

How are the locals?

The building isn't new but the classrooms are well maintained.

Experience at the Universidad de Huelva, Spain by Amandine.

Universidad de Huelva - Folleto informativo (en inglés)

And the teachers?

The tourism master's team is made up of professors and professionals in their field. The current manager, David Toscano, is very friendly and helped us during our registration, the second Erasmus student and myself. Regarding the teachers nothing to say!

Is it easy to succeed at the Universidad de Huelva?

Just go to class, do the work and you're good! Next, it's clear that with classes starting every day at 4 p. m., Erasmus life "by night" is quite possible!

Does the University organize activities? If so, how are they?

Within our master, there were no activities offered but the faculty has many billboards with outings, language courses, etc.

Do you think the classes are good?

The courses are quality, a little too oriented towards hotel management but interesting overall.

Do you have anecdotes that you want to share?

No particular anecdotes but rather a positive opinion on this experience. Of course, the faculty is far from resembling the big American campuses but it's not bad and I was fortunate to be in a class of just 15 people. As a result, the integration was perfect. Thank you class compañeros!

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