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Published by Federica B — 3 months ago

Blog: My Erasmus experience in Finland
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University: The university is big enough and it’s divided in different buildings, usually all the lectures of one faculty are almost always in the same building. There are also two canteens (4 if you count the one in Technopolis and in the building on the opposite side of the street of Snellmania, that are better but a little bit more expensive). The main ones are in Studentia (lake view but smaller) and Canthia, the largest. If you have the student card (or Frank App) the lunch costs only € 1.92. It is not the greatest ever but it’s eatable and they always offers a vegetarian option.
Regarding the courses, I can only talk about the business ones. Personally I attended the first semester of the second year of the Bachelor degree in Finland and therefore I was one of the youngest of all Erasmus students of my faculty. First of all it must be said that there is not a very wide courses offer for those of my year and from the Bachelor level (except for those that are at the third year and that can ask to attend courses also from the Master level).
There are different types of courses. There are: the Electronic exams: courses for which there are no lessons, you just have to study a book by yourself and then go to the university to take the exam at the computer, after registering on the website and after booking a place for the day and the time you want to . es. Foundation of Finance.
Online courses: courses whose lessons / materials are online and you do not have to go at the university to follow them. For example Strategic Management (you need to study a book and the slides made available on Moodle, answer 5 quizzes each made of 10 questions(if you need some of the questions ask me, I have some), online on moodle, at home; and then write 3 essays and upload them before the due date). Or for example Service Orientation where you had to study some articles (pdf online), take a real exam in the university with the teacher and then write a group essay with some people you didn’t know.

Normal Courses: you must attend real lessons at the university (only a few hours, distributed within a month) and at the end of it, it is necessary to write a report / essay or take an exam or both. Group work is very common, usually you have to present some topic to the class with the help of a power point presentation. Eg. small business finance (group presentation + research / essay) or Team Leadership (presentation + group work + report)

As far as I heard the Master Level courses are more complicated but always structured in the same way and in any case not impossible, to give an idea in one course you had to go with your group to interview a manager of a Finnish company asking him some questions and then present, even visually with a billboard, that company to the rest of the class.

Before leaving everyone told me that the erasmus exams were much easier and always multiple-choices exam, forget it, in Finland it’s not like that. First of all, the exams are all open questions where you have to write a lot and you have to study every day to pass them. Without a doubt, however, those who do not have a real exam to be taken at the end of the course are way easier because you can write the essays from home  consulting books / internet and taking all the time you need.

Also they usually give you high grade even if the work is not perfect. The grades go from 1 to 5 where 5 is the best.

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