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Experience in Complutense University of Madrid, Spain by Bo

Generally, what is Universidad Complutense de Madrid like?

The University of Complutense is an institution, it is old, it has many faculties and thousands of students. It is supposed to be a prestigious university and it is to some extent. There are research programs, many of the professors have published at least one book, some of them have quite an experience in their respective fields. At the same time the university is experiencing certain problems due to the lack of enough funding. There were several strikes organized by the students and the professors in the year 2013. The lack of money influences the quality of education. There are not enough facilities, for example.


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  • Faten Sliti 4 years ago

    good morning
    i am an erasmus student and i will come to spain in january
    but i still could'nt rent a chamber where to live
    could you please send me an email or some contacts to help me get where to live
    and thank u in advance
    here is my email adress
    [email protected]

  • Bo Ko 4 years ago


    I haven't been living in Spain for about 3 years now. You should contact the ESN (Erasmus student network) of Complutense. They will be able to help you out.

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