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Discovering Universidad Complutense de Madrid

You came here expecting a four-floor library and a busy but intimate student union with a couple of bars to enjoy a drink before you head out. You found, instead, a massive campus – I mean, it has its own metro station – with way too many similar buildings, where thousands upon thousands of unfamiliar students meander every day. And you have realized by now that your months of walking into the library and greeting half a dozen fellow students, which never failed to make you feel like a BNOC, are over. Going to university in Madrid is in many ways different from any other university experience, but you will soon get used to the Spanish ways. Here are a few things made in UCM that will hopefully help you settle down.


You can stop freaking out and downloading QuizUp/ CandyCrush/ Angrybirds at the perspective of having to attend two hours long lectures, as mentioned in the course descriptions on the UCM website. Two hours long lectures are not a thing here. Most teachers will walk in 15 minutes late and let you out 15 minutes early, and if you’re really lucky, you might even get a 10-minute break in the middle. Some teachers will be on time and let you out half an hour before the end of class. They all have their own way to do it, but teaching for two straight hours is not one of them. Something which we are all grateful for....

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