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Experience in University College London, United Kingdom by Filippo

Generally, what is University College London like?

It is beautiful under all the points of view. I were not an Erasmus student but I attened a Master's Degree

What are the facilities like?

The facilities are very good. For example I used to study economics and for this subject there all the kinds of facilities you need to do research and write an essay: data stream, online library and all the econometric softwares. Furthermore it is possible to use these softwares also from home because student can access them through the remote desktop.


What are the tutors like?

Very available! Perfect

Are the lessons easy in University College London?

I do not know. In economics, lessons are very interesting but not easy, if "easy" means "you pass the exam without studying". Anyway, if you study a lot and constantly it is easy to pass the exam,

Does the University organise activities? If so, what are they like?

They organize a lot of activities such as seminars, lunches and meeting with employers

Do you think there is a good quality of teaching?

The quality of teaching is very high

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