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What I like about Lille is that it's easy to travel around Europe. It's only a few hours by bus or train from Paris and London and about 2-3 hours from Charleroi Airport. From Charleroi Airport, you can get really cheap tickets to fly anywhere in Europe. I went to Oslo for only 20 Euros. It is important to note however that low-cost carriers like RyanAir and EasyJet have their airports far from the city center or are less accessible. It's very doable to fly to a different country and come back for around 25 Euros but a lot of planning must be done.

In total, I was able to visit 15 different countries for my whole semester. The craziest trip that I did was probably when my friend and I did 4 countries in 9 days and I only had my backpack (With my laptop inside).

Here is a video of my flatmates and I visiting Paris for 2 days from Lille:

Click here to watch my trip in Paris

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