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A pharaoh in the land of the vampires

Published by Fady Fawzy — 4 months ago

Blog: Bloody green heaven
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Well, I had to choose between London Holborn University or Bucharest University.

First time in Europe, I had relatives in Romania, so I decided to go to Romania.

Bucharest university for PhD in international law.

First flash I had at the faculty is that there is no English Section so I can't to do the PhD in english.

I payed the first year already, so when I said ok about a room for "students" they told me I have to sub rent a room, cause most of the rooms are occupied "for sale"!

I said when I came, I should have a room as agreed before, where I'll live, the apartments were expensive at that time: 300-450 euros, from 20 to 40 square meters.

Anyway after that, they got upset, they told me you came late. Either you study Romanian or come next year.

I was going to lose the year fees. So I changed to Political Science in the same university.

They accepted ME for a PhD but you guess what language...


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