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Published by flag- Antoni Nowak — 2 years ago

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I spent the past semester on Erasmus in Alicante. And, boy, let me tell you - that was the most miserable experience of my life. Where to begin?

First of all, all this talk about making friends, partying, and generally having a good time on Erasmus is complete and utter bullshit. At least it was in Alicante. The Spanish are allergic to speaking any English whatsoever, aside, of course, from the teachers who are paid to do so. But the students...? No way. And that's why I found it impossible to integrate with the group I had most classes with, and to make new acquaintances in general.

Fortunately, I was able to attend the Spanish course at the university (that's the one thing I can highly recommend), where I was able to meet other Erasmus students. Oddly enough, they ignored me as well. It was probably because they were already grouped into those little cliques that I had no access to. I mean, I can't be the problem, it had to be on them. but anyway, I ended up cripplingly lonely, and just stayed in my room during the whole thing. And I just kinda studied my days away, pointlessly. Eventually I started having trouble sleeping, and resumed sh

Another terrible thing about Erasmus are the prices. Sure, if you live in a developed country, it is probably not a big deal. But for people coming from shit-holes like Poland, Ukraine and whatnot, they are screwed. I basically only drank tea and ate bread with cheese, and yet I barely survived on the erasmus scholarship. And mind you, I didn't go out partying or anything, all my spending was food + rent. So unless you're a fat cat, don't go for Erasmus.

Can't say much about the nightlife in Alicante, cause I didn't experience any of it. Again, another broken promise. Erasmus was supposed to be full of parties and fun (maybe even sex), and yet it was none of that.

So all in all, erasmus is a dud, don't go. I only went because my university forced me to

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