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The final two weeks come round and pass so quickly when you're back from Christmas holidays. It's a bit of a stressful time as you're trying to do your exams, revise, sort out the end of mobility forms and info, socialise while you can, and say goodbye to everyone you've met (whilst simultaneously planning your second placement or what you're going to do in the free months you have before your second placement).

In my case, I was attempting to this and find a job back home in London, before heading off to Padua. I realised pretty soon that the student loan payments and Erasmus grant were going to do little to help me (accommodation, travel, books + socialising don't come cheap no matter what country you're living in). If you feel that you're running out of money towards the end of your first placement, try as hard as you can to find some sort of employment whilst you're on your year abroad, or back home. I can't stress enough how much £1000 did to help me when I moved to my next country - when you've got costs such as becoming a citizen, registration fees + setting up fees (bills, deposits + even little things like crockery + food), it's so helpful to have a small sum behind you. I decided to work in retail for two months before I headed to Italy and it was a great help!

In those last two weeks in France, it's easy to start to feel an early nostalgia about your time abroad. Everyone gets emotional and it begins to sink in that the year abroad is only a year. Don't fear that you'll never get to see people again - you will stay in touch and it's not all over!

Enjoy the remaining time you do have and just try and focus on your exams! Make sure you fill out all the forms you need to (ask your tutor), sign off your mobility forms, and get back any deposits while you're in the country. 

Then get ready for the next half a year...

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