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The Frog and Rosbif

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Great evening hangout

Published by flag- Hannah Toombs — 5 years ago

British and French Pub in central Toulouse


Just off Jean Jaurès, this is most definitely one of my favourite hangout places for an evening with friends.

Great place to go with friends, chairs and sofas (as well as the staff! ) are there to welcome you after a day of shopping or doing touristy type things. You can relax in this cosy and friendly environment with a pint of Frog brewed beer or if you walked really far and built up an appetite, why not try the burgers! I personally recommend the revolution burger! And their sweet potato fries... well... try them too!

Alone? Want to meet people? This would be just the place. The staff are pretty much all bilingual so very approachable, as they have all been through the "I just arrived and know no one in this large city" thing...

If you are quite shy however and find it difficult to make the first step, this is still a nice place to go. Being quite small and cosy, if you are sitting at a table by yourself, occasionally people will come up and ask to sit with you. This happened to me a few times.

Entertainment on tap!

  • Quiz night on Sundays offer a chance for groups to compete against each other for a chance to win free beer or those yummy little stawberry and caramel shooters!

    If again, you are alone but still fancy showing off your general knowledge skills, you can easily team up with others once you are there.

  • Match nights are pretty lively too, rugby, tennis, football amongst others, are shown in each corner of the pub. Some sports events, mainly the rugby, have competitions too. Guess the score, closest to the final result wins you free beer! And let's face it, we all like free beer!

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