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Erasmus Thessaloniki 2019 / 2020 (English)

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Hey guys! Im 24 years old bulgarian girl. I will do my traineeship in the AUTH for the two semesters  from Octobet 2019 til July 2020. Looking for erasmus students to find and share an apartament. I know greek so I can help some of you if you have some language barriers. Text me if you are interested :) 

Hi ! My name is Ali.

I am studying History and Archaeology student at Trakya University in Edirne.

I will be at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki next fall and spring semester

Hello! I'm Eva and I'm currently studying Tourism Management in Portugal. I'm going to be in Thessaloniki from October till the end of January and I will be attending Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki (ATEI)

I would love to meet other Erasmus students during this time!

Hi everybody! I'm a Spanish girl who will spend several months in Thessaloniki. I'm looking for a room in a shared apartment and some cool flatmates to have fun all together.

If you've heard about someone who is need of this like me, please send me a pm.

Looking forward to having news soon.



Hi! My name is Miguel. I am from Mallorca and i am studying architecture in Valencia, i will spend the whole year in Thessaloniki and i am looking for accommodation and i would like to meet some erasmus students. 

Hi! I'm an Italian student and I'm going to University of Makedonias for the whole year!!! Hope to see you very soon!

Hello, I am Zeynep!

I am going to study on Architecture department on the Spring semester of 2019-2020. I want to meet new people and experience Erasmus life with new friends. Also, if you search for roommate in dormitories, let me know pleaseeee :)

hello Zeynep, i'm Francesco and i will be there also on february =)  if there will bw a possibility it will be a pleasure to find you in thessaloniki! i have a friend there that can help me, if you need a help don't esitate to contact me, Francesco.

Hello! I study tourism in Antalya. I will be spending the 2019 - 2020 spring semester in  ATEI of Thessaloniki and I would love to meet new erasmus students there!

Hi everyone!

My name is Oriana and I'm studying Tourism in Madrid. I'm going to Thessaloniki next year, to ATEIH and want to know who's gonna be there!! 

grazie simona.

Hi , My name is Wassim , i'm from Morocco But currently studying in izmir ekonomi university , electronic Engineering . i'm planning to move to Thessaloniki for the 2019/2020  spring semester to international Hellenic University , can't wait to meet new cool people from different cultures and citizenships . Looking With pleasure  for a shared  appartement  with some cool flatmates .  

hello Wassim

if interested have a look at my room I offer

Showing 21-33 of 33 entries

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