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  • Fille de 25 ans recherche d’une colocation sur TLV

    Hello ! My name is Ilana and I am French. I am looking for a girl's roommate (single room) or a studio from the end of October 2023 for at least 5 months next to the University of Tel Aviv. Ihave an engineering master's degree and I will be in Tel Aviv to do an...

    6 months ago
  • Room with fournitures and parking

    I look after an appartment to share with fournitures and parking for 6months in Tel Aviv  i have 45 years old I don t smoking and I work in Tel Aviv  i look after an appartment to share with roommate 1 or 2  I like to eat together to go in the bar with the...

    one year ago
  • Room in central Tel Aviv apartment

    My name is Ram and I live in a roommate apartment on Bograshov, right next to Dizengoff Center. My current roommate is moving out and I'm looking for a new roommate. I've been living in this apartment for 10 years now and I'm very happy with it. The apartment is...

    one year ago
  • I`m 21 year old participant of the educational program looking for room/flat and any other accomodation!

    My name is Nina, I'm 21 years old and I'm looking for roomates to share flat in Tel Aviv! I'm participant of the educational program. I need to stay there at least two mounth from January. I will consider any suggestions in any part of the city, any prices and any...

    one year ago
  • 25yo boy from Czechia looking for accommodation/flatmates in Tel Aviv

    Hello! I’m Petr and currently I’m a Master Degree student of Economics in Prague, Czechia. Next semester (October 2022 - February 2023), I’ll be studying at Tel Aviv University. I’m looking for other people who are searching for a flat share during the time,...

    one year ago
  • 23 yo student looking for an affordable place to stay in Tel Aviv

    I am a business student from Vienna, doing a Master Degree, and am currently looking for a place to stay during my exchange semester in Tel Aviv - preferably a flat with two or three 3 people around my age who are also studying at Tel Aviv University. If you are also...

    one year ago
  • 20 year old girl looking for flatmates to live with for around 5/6 months in Tel Aviv, Israel.

    I was born in Israel and originally from there, but I have lived abroad, in many countries my whole life.  I currently study in the United Kingdom but I'm moving to Israel for around 6 months (July - January) as part of my degree. I have lived with flatmates for two...

    one year ago
  • 24 yo searching for a friendly accomodation in Tel Aviv

    I'm an Italian master's degree student coming to Israel for the months October-January. I am searching a single room in a shared flat in Tel Aviv. I've had many experiences with flatmates, both in France and in Italy. I am a clean, respectful and outgoing person, and I...

    2 years ago
  • 21 year old student looking for a room in a shared apartment (Feb-Jun)

    Hi everyone! My name is David, I’m 21 years old and I’m an Italian Interior Design student. I’m moving to Tel Aviv from mid-February to the end of May for an exchange semester at the HIT in Holon. I am looking for a room in a shared apartment (Feb-June) in Tel...

    2 years ago
  • 24 year old student looking for accommodation in Tel Aviv (Feb-Jun)

    Hey there! My name is Janosch and I'm gonna study at Kibbutzim College for the upcoming summer semester (Feb-Jun 2022). My subjects of study are English and Sports. In my spare time, I love to play the drums and make music with others - I also play in two bands. I'd...

    2 years ago
  • I'm Marco, 21 years old, Italian, I'm searching for a room in a shared apartment or in a student dorm from Feb to June 2022

    I'm Marco, I'm 21 years old and Italian, I'm searching for a room in a shared apartment or in a student dorm from Feb to June 2022. I'm a student of industrial design from the Politecnico of Milano and I'm going in Erasmus at the Holon Institute of Technology. I speak...

    2 years ago
  • spanish student looking room or flat to share in tel aviv

    I am a Spanish student who will live to take a course this year at TLV. I am a clean, orderly, fun and responsible person, I seek to meet and make friends. I am looking for a flat to share or people to rent an apartment together.

    2 years ago
  • 22 year old student looking for accommondation in Tel Aviv

    Hello everybody! My name is Alberto, student of engineering and business management. I'm from Valencia, Spain. I'm looking for a flat to share from October onwards and flatmates to cook paella and have a good time. I love basketball and discovering new people and...

    2 years ago
  • 20 year old girl looking for a flatshare (and a flatmate) in Tel Aviv

    Hey!  I'm looking for a private room in a flatshare and subsequently flatmate(s). I'm young and adaptive, can cook and mix cocktails and I love animals (don't have any though). I speak four languages (actually, five) and love everything except chemistry which I know...

    2 years ago
  • short accommodation for preventive quarantine at arrival

    Hi! I'll be in Tel Aviv from October to February included for my MSc thesis in engineering. I am looking for a shared accomodation the first/second week of october for my preventive quarantine at arrival, then I'll move to my university dormitories.I had experience...

    2 years ago
  • 22 year old student is looking for accommondation in Tel Aviv

    My name is Svenja Schlieter. I will study at the Kibbutzim College in Tel Aviv from October 2021 - February 2022. I‘m from Germany and at the Moment i’m studying to become a teacher (religion and history). I would like to live in a shared apartment to get to know...

    2 years ago
  • 20 year old girl, looking for a roommate with several student roommates

                                                         I am 20 years old and I am studying in Paris in my third year in a school of political science and international relations. I am looking for a friendly roommate, with students who like to...

    3 years ago
  • Spanish. Master in telecommunication engineering student looking for a shared flat in Tel Aviv from february 2021. 24 years old

    Hi, i´m alfonso, 24 years old, i´m from Madrid, Spain . I speak spanish and english. I like to have fun and do sports. I´m looking for a flat to live there from february 2021. I dont have pets. I would like to share flat with a foreign person to learn languages but i...

    3 years ago
  • 25 years old master student looking for accomodation in Tel Aviv

    Hi, I'm a master student from Spain looking for an accommodation in Tel Aviv for 5 months, from March 2021. I'm 25 years old, very polite, calm, clean, organised looking for having fun and new experiences.

    3 years ago
  • 20-years old boy, from Germany

    Hi There! My name is Antonio, I'm an exchange student from Germany, studying economics this wintersemester at the FHWS. For this periode of time, I'd love to find a room in a flatshare in the center of Tel Aviv. If you have a spare room and are looking for someone nice,...

    3 years ago

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