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Let me tell you about the movies in Tbilisi. For years there have only been three cinemas where you could go: Rustaveli cinema, Amirani cinema and Sakartvelo cinema. The most popular one is still Rustaveli cinema, because of its location and comfortable environment that it offers to its guests. What about Sakartvelo cinema? Well, I don't really know much about it. There have recently been opened two other cinemas, one in each end of the city of Tbilisi: Cavea cinemas. They are located inside big shopping and entertaining centers and people really like going there, especially on weekends with their families.


They offer films in the original English language, or translated into Russian or Georgian. You can watch films in 3 dimensions, too.

The rooms are pretty large, and there are different sized rooms where different films are shown, and the seats are very comfortable. Well, everything is just great and you will be pleased with all of it.


The tickets are sold in the cinemas and you can buy them online at www.biletebi.ge too, where you can also see when your desired film is being shown.

Ticket prices

Tickets' prices are pretty reasonable. It ranges from 3 to maybe 15 Laris. There are some discounts too. So, if you know when you want to watch your movie, you can just go to any cinema minimum 3 days earlier and buy your ticket for only 3 Laris on whichever time you want. That is called the Econom ticket. There are discounts for children and elders, too. And, of course, the students' discount _ if a student wants to see a movie that is shown on any day until 5 p. m. they can buy a ticket for 5 Laris. And another news _ Wednesday is officialy a cinema day! Because on Wednesdays you can buy tickets for just 5 Laris whoever you are and whenever you want to go to the movies! So, here everybody goes to the movies on Wednesdays now.


This is my cousin and he has just recently been to Cavea Imax movie theatre in East Point Center. He really enjoyed the film and popcorn there. He had those Econom Tickets with an Econom Menu. "What is this Econom Menu? ", you would ask. It is a menu of popcorn and Pepsi; if you buy this menu and a ticket it will all cost you 5 Laris in total. So, what do you say? Pretty cool, right? And who can imagine movies without popcorn? This is a great offer from the Tbilisi Cinemas and, I guess, everyone likes that and I know many people who buy Econom Tickets with Econom Menu and just enjoy their movies anytime for just 5 Laris.

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