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ESN Battle

Published by Hor Smile — 7 years ago

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Previously I talked about the city of Stockholm and my first trip to it. Today, I am going to talk about my second trip to the city, but this one was not a normal trip, this was an ESN Battle.

The ESN Battle was an organized trip to Stockholm, in which Erasmus from the whole Estonia and Finland got together in the same ferry to have 3 amazing days.

The trip started at six o´clock in the afternoon when we sat sail from the port of Tallinn. The ferry was full of people, so many of us got lost while searching our cabins. They were well located, so most of us were together in the same corridor. My hallway was really cool, because the Italians party guys slept next to my cabin, and that meant that the best italian Dj played close to my room.

The party started really early. As soon as the ferry sat sail we started to have dinner and to investigate all around the ship. After the first contact we decided to create our own disco. The night in the cabins was really fun, but after some hours we moved to the function room. It was full of students from all around the world, and there was a karaoke. We sang, we dance, we laughed, we jump… We did everything we could during the karaoke time.

At the end of it we discovered that the ferry was moving too much, at the begining we thought it was our feeling, but after a short while we realized that it was its own movement, so we had to walk slow to do not fall. It was very fun!! Everytime we tried to dance or walked we had to fight against the ship´s movement!!

After the karaoke time we all dispersed, some of us went to the ballroom, some came back in the cabins, others decided to open the disco, some went to the piano bar.

The ferry was so much full of people that everytime you got lost from your friends you met new people.

I went to the piano bar with some friends, while one of them was playing the instrument the others kept talking and chatting.

Finally, we ended the night in the last floor´s disco. As the movement from the ferry continued, it was a hard, but a funny, task to dance and to keep still.

Something around ten in the morning the voice from the ferry´s megaphone woke us up to let us know that we had arrived to Stockholm.

For going from the port to the downtown it was neccessary to take the subway, something that became in an adventure due to the huge amount of people who were trying to get the ticket.

Once we arrived in the city center we visited some places, but as we had been there in summer we decided to stop visiting and to go into a warm place to eat something. It was a cloudy and rainy day, however, every ten seconds you could find someone from the ferry in the middle of the street. It was a weird and nice feeling at the same time.

When the time to leave arrived we all went to the ferry. This time the party was less rough than previously, because the ship´s movement was calm and slight. The party was also amazing, running through the corridors you could meet new people, the music sounded loud from cabin to cabin and going out to smoke allowed you to contemplate how amazing was to see the ferry broking the ice to sail.

Inside, the party turn into an international party, you could sing “yo soy español” in the middle of the function room and, at the same time, you could be singing “campioni del mondo”. The ferry´s jail was in used too, and in the corridors you could make contacts to visit different places of Finland.

This time we ended the night in the ballroom with a “crazy” ;) italian guy showing us his amazing dancing style.

Once the ship tied up in Tallinn we all ran to our appartments to rest from our weekend.

This trip to Stockoholm was funny, amazing and unforgettable. So, I recommend to all the Erasmus who are in Tallinn to join the ESN Battle.

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