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  • Red Emperor

    During my stay in Tallinn, every Monday night was Red Emperor’s night. Don’t ask me why, but it was just like that. There was no official event going on there, but somehow we, Erasmus people, started the tradition of going there particularly on Monday night – the...

    0 by Nizzie, 5 years ago
  • Club Hollywood

    Partying in Tallinn was always an adventure. It did not matter the weather, if it was cold or not, not even the season of the year, the only important thing in Tallinn´s night was to be ready to have fun. We used to make something every night, it could be a simple...

    0 by Hor, 8 years ago
  • Lounge 24

    This post is not to talk about the benefits of booking a room at Radisson Hotel, but to talk about the Radisson "Lounge 24" bar. This bar has many benefits, not only the cocktails, which are kind of the best ones I have ever try, but the coffees are also hot and...

    0 by Hor, 8 years ago
  • Kompressor

    If you want to eat delicious pancakes you must visit "Kompressor". This restaurant offers its visitors the opportunity to try real Estonian pancakes. The menu includes also sweet pancakes, salads or soups, but the speciality are their amazing and tasty pancakes. The...

    0 by Hor, 8 years ago
  • Vapiano

    Do you want to feel as if you were eating in Italy when you are in the middle of the capital of Estonia? Then, you should go to Vapiano restaurant. Its Italian food is not its only strength, the decoration of the place, the ambiance... Everything transport you to the...

    0 by Hor, 8 years ago
  • Nimeta Baar

    If you want to enjoy a good meal, to wacht LIVE Sport, to play pool, to drink good cocktails or to dance the latest hits on the dance floor... Go to Nimeta!!  It was "the place". All the Erasmus people need a place to meet, to talk, to dance... And Nimeta was that...

    0 by Hor, 8 years ago

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