• Cherry Blossom Street

    I have read heaps of Manga so I am so obsessed with cherry blossoms. I used to think that the only place I can watch pinky cherry blossoms falling in a spring breeze is Japan which is thousand miles away. But wait, no, you can even find it in Stockholm for a short...

    0 by Mia , 5 years ago
  • old town

    One of the most visited attraction in Stockholm is, with no doubt, the old town. Built up in the 13th century, on the island of Stadsholmen, the old town is a labyrinth of streets, town houses and cafés that represent the heart of the Swedish capital. The main...

    0 by angelo, 6 years ago
  • Stockholm

    These are some places I visited during my 2 years living in Sweden. The Red Boat is one of the most amazing hostels that every student should visit. In the photos you can see the Royal Palace, Vasa Museum, the Old City museum... the King and the Queen passing by the...

    0 by Romina, 8 years ago

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