Poverty in Sweden

Interestingly, this is a question that my visitors always ask me... Is there much poverty in Sweden? Actually, there is not much poverty, and if there is some, it is much less than in other places. Sweden is a welfare country and that means that they care more for people, so in this case, there are not so many homeless around. If we want to base this on some date, in the city of Stockholm there are 40% less homeless than than any other big city such as Madrid... even more, in most cases, they receive a very good treatment from residences, public community kitchens...

In any case, of course there are some people that don´t have a roof where to live, there are people asking for money on the metro, in the street, in the stations... that usually work as musicians... for instance, in the stairs of my faculty there is always

someone staying there and people just love him! He has turned into a myth...

Even though, I would like to share with you this photo that has caused me a strong impression, at the Stockholm bay...

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