More things about Riga

Central Market of the city is one of the most impressive things I saw in Riga. It was so huge and then you can find all kinds of products: from fish to meat and drinks. It is in a very traditional way and I realized that now we overuse plastic and bricks to keep everything, all the products we use. It is so cheap, so if you need to buy food or whatever it is a very good place.

Beers tour is also interesting. I remember we paid 7 lats in the hostel and we went to a 5 different clubs with 5 different beers. It was so funny to go in Riga with a guide from there seeing the different clubs. It was organized by the hostel I have already told you.

The last advice is if you go from Stockholm, I recommend you to take the plane. Ryanair flies everyday and the price is usually cheap. We paid 10 euros. Ahhhh, do not forget to visit the long bridge during the night. It is so incredible.

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