Guide to survive (financially) in Sweden: Searching for a Job

The truth is that, for any Erasmus student, money is one of the things that will worry you the most, as well as being a recurrent conversation topic. We are in crisis, we are students, and etc and etc. Although this is a problem that concerns to every Erasmus student, if we are totally honest, the ones that winds hands down are the ones who are living in countries like Sweden. We are going to say it loud and clear: Sweden is expensive, very expensive... With this I don´t really want to scare anybody, but the sooner the student will accept his situation, the better will be able to cope with it.


And even though if we have saved a lot of back home, or even if we believe that we are not going to expend much in Sweden, actually, unexpected expenditure always come and we have to face them. So that, I have though in gathering some type of tricks or advices for the ones that are in situation like mine, and they are trying or pretending to cope with these expenditures without having to get into suspicious activities.

Starting with a reasonable solution: to find a job in Sweden. "Can you really work in Sweden without speaking Swedish? ", you will be wondering. Well, it is very difficult, and even more exhausting, but is possible. Nanny, Spanish teacher, and even more, you can be a human snow thrower... Can we really ask for more?... to great evils, great remedies.

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