Friendly Fun Franks Hostel

In the city center of Riga is this hostel, triple F! for me it was one of the best thing in Riga. When we arrive there, they invited us to drink a free beer about 500 ml. It was so good. Also was good to keep in a luggage room all our stuff the last day. But the best in that hostel is the price. Of course it depends how many people are in the room but it usually is about 7 euros, very cheap in comparison with Stockholm. Also it has a disco or a kind of bar where you can relax, play cards, watch tv… and sometimes a free guide tour.

There you can find very nice people and from everywhere that visit Riga. If you want to go to the city it is just 5 minutes walking and if you decide go out at nights they have a reception service 24 hours. Enjoy your days in Riga. If I came back there I will stay in FFF HOSTEL!

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