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Experience in Singapore, Singapore by Heng

Published by Heng Su Li — 4 years ago

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What is it like to live in Singapore? Would you recommend it? What is the city like?

Singapore is really accessible via public transport/ on foot. The city is really dense, but all necessary services are within reach! It is a convenient place to live in, study in and to tour in. You will never lose your way in Singapore.


What is the student lifestyle like in Singapore?

Academic competition gets significantly stiffer as you move up the academic ladder. Education involves a lot more application on top of memory work.

How much does it cost to live in Singapore?

It really depends. If you live on campus, the accommodation on the upper end (with meal plans and single room) can cost about SGD$ 3000 for 14-15 weeks.

There is no tipping culture here, so there is something called the Goods& Services Tax (GST) which is 7%, and a service charge of 10%, which can be rather expensive when you dine out in restaurants.

Public transport is considered affordable, but owning a car is extremely expensive. Only 1/6 residents own a car. Car ownership (in the form of a Certificate of Entitlement (COE), without the actual car) can cost about SGD$10, 000.

Public housing is not viewed negatively here, with almost 80% of the population residing in public houses. They are definitely cheaper than private housing, but still expensive to own.

Is it difficult to find accommodation in Singapore? Is there any advice you can give?

Finding accommodation in school is definitely easy. Accommodation in apartments can be more difficult, as the prices can fluctuate significantly depending on the location. Most Singapore Universities are located outside of city centre/ downtown area though.

I would recommend liaising with a local student here to take a look at the accommodation (off-campus) to ensure quality, although housing agents in Singapore are quite reliable.


What is the food like? What are your favourite dishes?

Food here caters to many different dietary requirements. Vegetarian, vegan, halal food etc. There are many international flavours here as well.

My favourite dishes are Hainanese chicken rice and cereal prawns and yam ring.


What places would you recommend visiting in Singapore?

Please visit the marina barrage, entrance is free, and you'll get a panoramic view of gardens by the bay and the CBD area.

And you can try cycling at East Coast Park and eat seafood there!

Is it good to eat out in Singapore? Can you tell us your favourite spots?

Eating out in foodcourts/ Kopitiams is affordable, and there is a wide selection of food there. Hygiene is good as well. However, if you are not a fan of strong flavours, please make your own meal instead. Hawkers/ foodcourt vendors can be very generous with all the seasonings and condiments.

Is the nightlife good in Singapore? Where is good to go?

Nightlife is usually not positively associated. There are student pubs where alcohol is affordable and the environment is safe so long you keep to your friends. But note that there is not public transport after midnight so you will have to take a taxi back.

Holland Village is a good place to go for student nightlife.


What advice would you give future students heading to Singapore?

(1)Be mentally prepared for the academic workload.

Undergraduate workload in Singapore is significantly higher/ strenuous compared to foreign universities.

(2)Please avoid taking modules where group work is part of the assignment if you are going to travel/ enjoy your nightlife extensively. Local students understand that travelling is part of the fun, but they definitely do not appreciate people who rarely contribute/ always not around for meetings. You will not like that group work experience then.

(3)Do keep a look out for your valuables.

Singapore is an extremely safe country. Many students often leave their valuables unattended and nothing happens, but still, low crime doesn't mean no crime.

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