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Experience in Singapore, Singapore by Ikhsan Bani

What is it like to live in Singapore? Would you recommend it? What is the city like?

Singapore is great country-city. Even though it is quite small, but it is always great to live here. Everything is available and you may go everywhere easily as the country lies exactly between Malaysia-Indonesia-Australia and Indochina countries. Besides, Singapore provides some public areas for gathering such as park which makes people comfortable to enjoy for a moment from the crowd. Availability of MRT makes mobility easier, as you can almost any main objects are inter-connected by MRT and it always depart on time. However, living here will be totally recommended.

What is the student lifestyle like in Singapore?

As Singapore has some world class universities and famous for international students, there are so many students live here. Student lifestyle here looks so nice especially in the campus area. You will see their activities such as going to campus, walking in the mall, inside the MRT or even in tourism object. However, student's lifestyle here looks amazing.

How much does it cost to live in Singapore?

Living cost in Singapore is higher than any other countries in Asia. Perhaps, it becomes a challenge for you who want to live in this country for long time. Preparing more budgets for living cost such as accommodation, food and transportation, should be your first thing to do before coming here.

Is it difficult to find accommodation in Singapore? Is there any advice you can give?

If you look for a house with back or front yard, it will be difficult because of limited open space. So, the better option is to find an apartment for long time or hotel in shorter period. As Singapore is small country, they prefer to build vertically, such as hotel and apartment. However this is the best option to do.

What is the food like? What are your favourite dishes?

Singapore offers a lot of food from street food to restaurant. If you are a food hunter, you can find malaysian/singaporean food, indian, chinese, arabic until western food here. But if you love street food, those first mentioned are greatly recommended. Bugis street will be one of the best option to dine out in Singapore.
Talking about favorite food, i like to eat Nasi Lemak because it is tasteful for me. That is why i always to find the dish when exploring the country.

What places would you recommend visiting in Singapore?

The are so many objects to visit in Singapore. Merlion is the most popular place which located in the side of Singapore strait. Besides, you can start to explore Garden By the Bay, Clark Quay, Universal Studio Singapore, Orchard Road, Henderson Waves, Little India,Chinatown and Marina Bay Sand. One more thing, don't forget to get Orchard's ice cream, which costs only 1.2 SGD.

Is it good to eat out in Singapore? Can you tell us your favourite spots?

Singapore always become good place to eat out in street food. Find anywhere in the city and you can stay around while eating out. Night will be good time to do because eating out and seeing the night view are great combination while travelling here. My favourite spot is Bugis Street where i can find Nasi Lemak, Briyani Rice and so on here.

Is the nightlife good in Singapore? Where is good to go?

Nightlife in Singapore is always good as long as you know the spot to enjoy. My favourite spots to spend night are clark quay, Bugis street, marina bay and orchard road. Spending longer time here will be great activity especially for traveller. Remember to spend time which is not far from MRT station because you don't need to walk further to walk home by taking MRT.

What advice would you give future students heading to Singapore?

As future students, life in Singapore is different than any other countries because of some factors such as mentality, living cost, crowded city and high pressure. The students should prepare anything need to because it will be helpful if they are well prepared. They may face difficulties in advance, but as long as students have strong mentality, they will be able to adapt and survive in Singapore.

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