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Wine and music. Can life get any better?

Published by Silvia Ugolini — 6 years ago

Now, I never thought I was the kind of person who would actually enjoy, without coercion, drinking wine while listening to jazz music in a super-cool environment. Turned out, sometimes I can become (from time to time) that person.

Last night I went to "Un Tubo", which is a small place in a very small street in Siena city centre. It was the first time I went there, and I was shocked.


(Siena, Italy).

Before I say anything more, let me say: I am not that much into Siena; I know it's my home town, but we never really engaged much, and after the worst high school experience of all times, I thought it had nothing to offer me. I must say, I am slowly changing my mind...

Un Tubo is simply magnificent. The place is nice, small and warm and softly illuminated. It creates the perfect atmosphere to enjoy a glass of wine or liquor (the choice is wide and extremely high-quality). But the best thing of all (apart from the gorgeous waiter) is the music. Every tuesday night there's a Jam Night: it means that there's someone opening, but after that, anyone can reach for the stage and start playing.

I don't know how to express this; it is probably just me, but it was the biggest surprise. I was never into jazz music, but last night was magical. I could blame it on the glass of wine I had, but I believe it was more.

You see, everyone there knew each other. It looked like a family gathering somehow (a family gathering of very calm and polite people... I feel I have to make this clear, because the expression "family gathering" to my italian ears sounds everything but calm and polite), where you have been kindly invited. There was any kind of people, and that's also something I loved.

At the end of the night though, we were all univesity students: and the guys playing were so good, I couldn't believe my ears. It was a complete shock.

I don't know if I wrote anything clearly, I hope I did: I just wanted to give the idea of the atmosphere in there; I would always associate jazz music and wine to boring pretentious people who try to show how cool they are (so stupid. I sincerely apologise to anyone who likes jazz music and wine tasting). Well, imagine this: a group of twenty-year-olds gathering every tuesday night to play saxophone, bass, piano, clarinet and many other instruments all together, for the pleasure of it.

It was truly inspiring. Great great great experience!

Sadly, I didn't take pictures. I was too busy reaching nirvana!

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